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Citizens across Oklahoma have launched a campaign to urge our fellow voters to vote NO on State Question 776. Visit to request an absentee ballot and vote by mail.

Why should Oklahomans vote NO on State Question 776?

  • SQ 776 circumvents the traditional checks & balances of our 3-branch system of government by undermining the role of the courts to interpret Oklahoma law
  • SQ 776 neither changes, protects, or places the death penalty at risk in Oklahoma
  • SQ 776 dos not impact Oklahoma's ability to carry out executions, but it will open up the state to further costly legal challenges paid for by taxpayers
  • The only valid purpose of SQ 776 has already been achieved via legislation
  • SQ 776 will be voted on before the bipartisan Oklahoma Death Penalty Review Commission completes its work to examine the state's death penalty system from top to bottom
  • SQ 776 may be voted on at a time when the recommendations of the Multi-County Grand Jury investigation, which revealed serious problems in the administration of Oklahoma’s death penalty, are still being considered by the Department of Corrections

Should we allow the Oklahoma Legislature to avoid the traditional checks and balances of our three-branch system of government? State Question 776 seeks to forbid Oklahoma courts from carrying out their constitutional role of interpreting the law regarding capital punishment in our state.

State Question 776 seeks to preserve existing death sentences in the event that a particular method of execution is invalidated by the courts. This has already been accomplished by HB 1879, which passed at about the same time SQ 776 was placed on the ballot by the legislature. SQ 776 is an unnecessary waste of legislative effort and tax payer resources.

It is too soon to ask Oklahoma voters to weigh in on the death penalty. The bipartisan Oklahoma Death Penalty Review Commission is examining the state's death penalty system from top to bottom. The commission, co-chaired by former Governor Brad Henry, former judge and prosecutor Reta Strubhar, and former judge Andy Lester, will complete its work in 2017.

There is widespread concern with the recent failures of the Oklahoma Department of Corrections to properly conduct executions. The Multi-County Grand Jury investigation revealed serious problems in the administration of Oklahoma’s death penalty, and its findings are still being considered by the Department of Corrections

It is wrong to add the death penalty into the Constitution and the state's Bill of Rights, especially at a time where the government has shown it can't handle the awesome responsibility of life and death.

Oklahomans of all political parties and faith groups, regardless of their opinion about the death penalty, are coming together to urge a NO vote on SQ 776.  

See the specific constitutional language below. You can find updates on Facebook and Twitter as well.

The proposed ballot question is as follows:

“This measure adds a new section to the Oklahoma Constitution. It adds Section 9A of Article 2. It states that all death penalty statutes are in effect. It states that methods of execution can be changed. It states that the death penalty is not cruel and unusual punishment.


Constitutional changes

See also: Article II, Oklahoma Constitution

The proposed amendment would add a Section 9a to Article II of the Oklahoma Constitution. The following text would be added by the proposed measure's approval:

"All statutes of this state requiring, authorizing, imposing or relating to the death penalty are in full force and effect, subject to legislative amendment or repeal by statute, initiative or referendum. Any method of execution shall be allowed, unless prohibited by the United States Constitution. Methods of execution may be designated by the Legislature. A sentence of death shall not be reduced on the basis that a method of execution is invalid. In any case in which an execution method is declared invalid, the death sentence shall remain in force until the sentence can be lawfully executed by any valid method. The death penalty provided for under such statutes shall not be deemed to be, or to constitute, the infliction of cruel or unusual punishments, nor shall such punishment be deemed to contravene any other provision of this Constitution."





News & Updates

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The following reaction may be attributed to former Oklahoma Senator Connie Johnson, Chair of the Say No to SQ776 Committee

"Oklahoma tax payers are the biggest losers today. This referendum does nothing to remedy the deep and persistent problems with the death penalty in our state and may cause even more dysfunction. Now we all must foot the bill to defend SQ776 when it is challenged in court and then thrown out.  

"SQ776 was expected to pass with at least 72% of the vote, so this result signals a significant shift in attitudes on the death penalty in our state, echoing a trend we are seeing across this country, and indicates just how out of touch the Oklahoma legislature is on this issue. The Sooner Poll found that more Oklahomans prefer the alternative of death by incarceration -- true life without the possibility of parole – over capital punishment when given that option. 

"We look forward to the findings of the Henry Commission so that we can all have a discussion on the merits of the death penalty itself. Oklahoma should have that discussion, because we know that support for the death penalty drops when people understand the real facts about how the death penalty operates in practice." 


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  • ACLU of Oklahoma
  • Amnesty International Oklahoma Groups & Members
  • Catholic Charities/Archdiocese of Oklahoma City
  • Center for Conscience in Action
  • Democratic Socialists of America Oklahoma City Chapter
  • League of Women Voters of Oklahoma
  • Libertarian Party of Oklahoma
  • Murder Victims Families for Reconciliation
  • NAACP Oklahoma City Branch
  • Robert Nigh, Chief Public Defender, Tulsa County Public Defender's Office
  • Oklahoma Coalition to Abolish the Death Penalty
  • Oklahoma Conference of Churches
    The following faith leaders have signed a letter under the banner of the Oklahoma Conference of Churches which calls for a NO vote on SQ 776 as part of general opposition to the death penalty.
    • The Rev. Dale Assink
      Regional Minister, Synod of the Heartland
      Reformed Church in America
    • The Rev. Dr. Bobby Best
      Bishop, Ninth Episcopal District
      Christian Methodist Episcopal Church
    • The Most Rev. Paul S. Coakley
      Archbishop, Roman Catholic
      Archdiocese of Oklahoma City
    • The Rev. Dr. Gregory J. Coulter
      Presbyterian Church, USA
    • The Rev. Dr. Gordon Edwards
      Executive Presbyter
      Cimarron Presbytery
    • Rex Friend
      Religious Society of Friends
    • The Rev. Michael Girlinghouse
      Bishop, Arkansas-Oklahoma Synod
      Evangelical Lutheran Church in America
    • The Rev. Dr. Stephen D. Graham
      Coordinator, Cooperating Baptist Fellowship
      of Oklahoma
    • Dr. Edith Guffey
      Conference Minister
      Kansas-Oklahoma Conference
      United Church of Christ
    • Bishop Mildred B. Hines
      Bishop, Southwestern Delta Episcopal District, West Tennessee-Mississippi, South Mississippi, Arkansas, Louisiana, Texas, and Oklahoma Conferences, 
      African Methodist Episcopal Zion Church
    • The Rev. Pamela Holt
      Regional Minister, Christian Church (Disciples of Christ) in Oklahoma
    • The Most Rev. David Konderla
      Bishop, Roman Catholic Diocese of Tulsa
    • The Rt. Rev. Dr. Edward J. Konieczny
      Bishop, Episcopal Diocese of Oklahoma
    • The Rev. Heidi Regier Kreider
      Conference Minister, Western District Conference
      Mennonite Church USA
    • The Rev. Dr. Matt Meinke
      Stated Clerk
      Indian Nations Presbytery
      Presbyterian Church, USA
    • The Rev. Calvin Miller
      Progressive Oklahoma Baptist State Convention
    • The Rt. Rev. Michael L. Mitchell
      Presiding Bishop, Twelfth Episcopal District
      African Methodist Episcopal Church
    • The Rev. James G. Nunn
      Bishop, Oklahoma Conference of the United Methodist Church and
      the Oklahoma Indian Missionary Conference
    • The Rev. Dr. William Tabbernee
      Executive Director
      Oklahoma Conference of Churches
  • Oklahoma Council on American-Islamic Relations (CAIR)
  • Oklahoma Democratic Party
  • Peace House Tulsa
  • Republican Liberty Caucus of Oklahoma
  • Witness to Innocence



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